LignoBiotech2022 will assemble academic, governmental, and industry leaders in lignocellulose transformation to discuss latest advances in biotechnologies, data sciences, and material sciences focused on transforming main lignocellulose fractions into advanced fuels, high-value chemicals, and new bio-based materials.

In addition to technical conference sessions, panel discussions will highlight national bio-economy priorities and best practices for knowledge mobilization to practice.


  • Tuesday, August 9 (Joint event with S.MA.R.T. Conference 2022)

    6pm-9pm: Welcome reception

  • Wednesday, August 10 (Day 1)

    9am–5pm: Full day conference

  • Thursday, August 11 (Day 2)

    9am–5pm: Full day conference
    6pm-8pm: Dinner and networking

  • Friday, August 12 (Day 3)

    9am–12pm: Half day conference and closing


Programme at a glance

Additional conference speakers will be selected from submitted abstracts.
Keynote Session: National Bioeconomy Priorities

Session Chair:
Prof. Jack Saddler

Keynote Speakers:
Johanna Buchert, President and CEO of Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)
Prof. Kiyo Igarashi, University of Tokyo, Japan
Stéphane Renou, President and CEO of FPInnovations, Canada

Biotechnology in bio-based materials

Session Chairs:
Prof. Orlando Rojas, Canada Excellence Research Chair in Bioproducts, Scientific Director of the Bioproducts Institute, University of British Columbia, Canada, and Prof. Maija Tenkanen, Helsinki Institute for Sustainable Science, University of Helsinki, Finland.

Invited Speakers: Heloisa Ramires, Suzano, Brazil; Alex Michine, MetGen, Finland; Francisco Vilaplana, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden.

Biocatalysts for high-value biochemicals

Session Chairs:
Prof. Harry Brumer, Michael Smith Laboratories and Department of Chemistry, University of British Columbia, Canada, and Prof. Kristiina Kruus, Dean - School of Chemical Engineering, Aalto University, Finland.

Invited Speakers: Prof. Anne Meyer, Head of the Protein Chemistry & Enzyme Technology Division, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Denmark, and Jean-Guy Berrin, INRAE Marseille, France.

Biomass to advanced biofuels

Session Chairs:
Prof. Warren Mabee, Canada Research Chair in Renewable Energy Development and Implementation & Director of the Queen's Institute for Energy and Environmental Policy, Queen’s University, Canada, and Seema Singh, Director of Biomass Pretreatment and Process Development & Deputy VP of Deconstruction Division, Joint BioEnergy Institute and Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories, USA.

Invited Speakers: Coming soon

Emerging opportunities through functional genomics

Session Chairs:
Prof. Lindsay Eltis, Canada Research Chair in Microbial Catabolism and Biocatalysis, University of British Columbia, Canada, and Guillermina Hernandez-Raquet, Research Director INRAE, Toulouse Biotechnology Institute, France.

Invited Speakers: Prof. Tim Donohue, Director of the Wisconsin Energy Institute, Baldwin Professor of Bacteriology, University of Wisconsin–Madison, USA, and Davinia Salvachua, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Colorado, USA.

Panel Discussion: Mobilizing biotechnology research to practice

Session Chairs:
Ludo Diels, Research Leader, VITO, Belgium, and Chris Walton, CEO of the Centre of Research and Innovation in the Bio-Economy, CRIBE, Canada.

Participants will include: Florian Graichen from Scion (New Zealand), Roel Vleeschouwers from VITO (Belgium), Paulo Coutinho from CETIQT SENAI (Brazil), Andrew Kee from Woodbridge Group (Canada), Prof. Mojgan Nejad from Michigan State University (USA), Megan McCormick from AFRY (North America).